What’s in a bottle?

    Active ingredients that make RELOAD Energy Shot a strong stimulant are:

    CAFFEINE - an alkaloid that heightens your energy levels by stimulating the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system.
    TAURINE - an amino acid which, when combined with caffeine, improves our mental capacities.
    VITAMIN B6 - a vitamin which is crucial for a variety of functions in our bodies.
    VITAMIN B12 - contributes to the normal function of the brain and the nervous system.

    When combined, these active ingredients help you feel less tired and more focused. Every ingredient has its own role in, which helps you feel well-rested and more capable, even after a sleepless night.

    What is Reload Energy Shot?

    Who is it meant for?

    What is Reload Energy Shot?

    Reload Energy Shot is an energy drink, packed in a convenient 60ml (2 oz) bottle, meaning you can drink it in just one sip. Its optimal mix of active ingredients (high dose of caffeine, taurine and a combination of B vitamins) helps you refocus and boost your energy levels.

    Unlike other energy drinks available on the market, Reload Energy Shot is:
    ● Sugar-free
    ● Zero artificial sweeteners
    ● Sweetened with the highest quality stevia, derived from the leaves of the plant
    ● Contains only 3 calories per bottle

    That’s why Reload Energy Shot is a unique, healthy and powerful supplement, which heightens your energy levels and helps you refocus in no time!

    Who is it meant for?

    Reload Energy Shot is suitable for everyone.
    People with diverse backgrounds, that lead active and fulfilled lifestyles.

    No matter if you’re in sports, business or in college - Reload Energy Shot will help you refocus and boost your energy levels when you need it the most!

    Because Reload Energy Shot is sugar-free, low in carbs and sweetened with the highest quality, natural sweetener, stevia - be sure you won’t jeopardize any kind of diet you follow, no matter what it is.

    The doses of active ingredients (caffeine, taurine and the combination of vitamins B) were chosen in accordance with the standards of the European Union, which makes Reload Energy Shot entirely safe for consumption, both for the young and middle-aged people.

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    Reload Energy Shot
    will give you that extra push in just one sip.

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